Besnan-bethesan - La Parole Du Geste

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It is a matter of a dice game, playing with some plum-dice or peach-dice, reproduced here from a pattern collected in 1900 among the Gros-Ventre nation, in Montana. In their tongue, this game was called : besnan-bethetsan
We can find it everywhere in U.S.A. and Canada, since the arrival of the Europeans : among the Wendats (Hurons), Algonquins, and the  Hodenaushaunee (the league of the five Nations, called Iroquois), or among the Cree , Chippewa, Odjibway and among the Massachusset, hidatsa, Apsalooke (Crow), Lakota and Dakota, Cheyenne, Gros-Ventre, Arapahoe, or Tulares Nations,…  

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