Tawfa - La Parole Du Geste

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The game introduce here is a version collected at the end of the nineteenth century and was played by the Walapai Nation, it was called in their own language : tawfa.
A variant of this game was called in Apache : tsaydithl, and tadak in Yuma witch was played with four wooden sticks.
It is a board game witch is playing at two or in two teams; all we have to do to play it are several stones, three wooden sticks, and a good sense of direction. The construction of this game is very interesting in a learner approach: how do we build a circle? Where is the East (corresponding at the opening of the circle… Some variants of this game will permit us to put the four points of the compass) ?...
his game was played only by women and child, and sometime by the elders.
One of the characteristic of this game is that it was played in silence, so we can take this opportunity to practice the native sign language.
This game and their variants were collected from different nations: Apache (White mountain, San Carlos), Dene (Navajo), Walapai, Yuma, Havasupai, Maricopa, Pima, Laguna et Papago... In Arizona and New Mexico states.

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