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Ron Garritson
2020-02-10 20:59:18
Voici un petit message d'encouragement de la part de Ron Garritson, un expert en Plains Indian Sign Language, au sujet de la vidéo intitulée "Message à Ron Garritson en PISL" :


I got the video. Very good! Only one critique I would make is for you to slow down a bit when you sign. If you go too fast the person you're signing to will have difficulty understanding. Keep it at a slower pace. Other than that, it was well done and your signing motion was graceful, as it should be.  Keep up the good work.
László Nagy
2020-02-10 20:55:05
2014-04-27 15:58:34
Hello Vincent Rouard! I am Laszlo Nagy from Hungary.
You are the best whiteman sign talker of PISL I have ever seen on the web! The form of the signs are almost perfect,same as on the old videos. Perhaps if You want to teach, then made them more slowly - like chief Many Treaties in "Injun Talk". I could read almost all in Your three stories - but not every sign, because the clips are very very short. That is a great pity. I do not understand why are they so sacred that cannot be signed for everybody who wants to learn PISL. Web is full of indian tales. This is an endangered language: one who so perfectly knows it must have teach it on the web too. I could learn so much from You.
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